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Low Impact Step + Total Body Sculpting

Low Impact Step + Total Body Sculpting 00:09:59 Канал: Фитнес 
Вид: Степы
Автор: CatheTelevision
Вид спорта: Фитнес
Длительность: 00:09:59
Качество: 240p
Язык: English
От 03.05.2015 18:46


This 40 minute, beginner to intermediate, low impact step routine is fun and easy to follow. You'll burn fat, calories, and shape your buns and thighs while doing intense low impact step choreography mixed with challenging low impact blasts. For best results, it is recommended that you do the workout three times per week as well as watch the routine first to become more familiar with the choreography. The workout is performed on an 6 inch platform, but any step height lower than 6 inches is fine as long as your heart rate remains in its training zone for the duration of the workout.

Total Body Sculpting - This 30 minute, beginner to intermediate workout, shapes and tones your muscles while burning fat and calories. The workout features a stability ball and 3 pound hand weights. Be sure to increase your weight selection when the exercises become too easy. For best results, it is recommended that you do this total body workout two times per week.

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