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YOKKAO 17 - YOKKAO 18 Highlights: Only One Place To Be

YOKKAO 17 - YOKKAO 18 Highlights: Only One Place To Be 00:14:04 Канал: Викинг 
Автор: Yokkao Boxing
Длительность: 00:14:04
Язык: Русский
От 04.04.2016 05:41


YOKKAO 17 - YOKKAO 18 Highlights. 19th March 2016 there was Only One Place To Be. 2 events and 2 World Titles in 1 Night. Shop Now the Champion's Choice htttp://
Don't miss YOKKAO 19 - YOKKAO 20 Saturday October 8th at the Macron Stadium in Bolton. Info & tickets:

Come to train with the best Muay Thai Fighters at the new YOKKAO Training Center in Bangkok

YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok is the first Muay Thai Camp in the heart of Bangkok, located on the central Sukhumvit Soi 16 easily accessible by the fast BTS (skytrain), an elevated rapid transit system that connects all the most important areas of Bangkok. At just 5 minutes walk from the BTS station “Asoke”, Muay Thai lovers will have the opportunity to train with Muay Thai Living Legends such as Saenchai and Singdam Kiatmoo9, fighters who began fighting at 8 yrs old and collected in their career more than 350 fights each.

Since Muay Thai started becoming “commercially” marketable in Bangkok, numerous gyms began offering poor quality Muay Thai training. The YOKKAO Team recognized this and replied strongly by entering the market creating the opportunity for foreigners and Thai’s alike to train Muay Thai with the best trainers and the top fighters of the moment with real training regiments in a state of the art facility.

YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok offers Top Muay Thai training for beginners and fighters: on one side, the most technical Muay Thai training designed by Saenchai and his trainer Manop Yuangjai. On the other, one of the old school toughest training schedules designed by Singdam Kiatmoo9 who brought this regiment from the northeast of Thailand (Buriram) with his brother Petchdam Kiatmoo9.

The team at YOKKAO is World Class working in unison to create the best Muay Thai Camp available. The best trainers, top fighters and training sessions that focus on technique working on each detail to create the best fighter in you. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, our training sessions are designed to condition the fighter at all levels of training.
Join YOKKAO, join the biggest Muay Thai Community in the World!

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