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Yoga Workout Challenge 2017 ♥ Better Than The Gym. Йога. Упражнения

Yoga Workout Challenge 2017 ♥ Better Than The Gym. Йога. Упражнения 00:24:58 Канал: Фитнес 
Вид: Йога
Автор: Boho Beautiful
Вид спорта: Фитнес
Длительность: 00:24:58
Качество: 1080p
Язык: English
Год: 2017
От 02.03.2017 04:00


Отличный комплекс упражнения из йоги.

Are you ready to start the year with a yoga workout challenge?
Fusing Pilates based toning exercises and yoga postures, this yoga workout challenge is going to get you feeling strong, lean, and flexible so you're ready to tackle anything that this new year brings your way.

Please find the description to the challenge below, however if you're not into doing a 10 day program simply try implementing this class a few times per week to start feeling the benefits of the pilates and yoga fusion exercises.

Also, if you love short term challenges check our new DVD/Downloadable Program that will give 40 new Videos, 3 new fitness, yoga, and meditation videos each day for 10 Days to challenge yourself with!

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